Response to Engineerman

Engineerman’s comment reminds me of Jane Austen, one of my favorite authors. She uses the phrase “liberality of ideas” in a discussion between Ann Elliot and her cousin in the great novel Persuasion. Austen had a way with words that was far beyond the scope of most readers of her day. Today we still enjoy her stories and many of them have been converted to the screen and have been for many years.

It is amazing to me that someone that wrote words in the late 1700’s can still make such an impact on us here in the 21st century. Now that is true talent with words.

I once had a boss tell me that I had a “command of the English language.” To this day, I consider that to be one of the greatest complements I ever received. Use your words cautiously and make sure when you use words that you know exactly what they mean so that you convey the message that you want. More later……………..


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