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Been busy, but………

Been a busy week, but check out my latest posting at
Palm Coast Blog

Next week I’ll pick up on my conversation about speaking obstacles – next topic is

Saying sorry when we speak.

Until next time, happy blogging !!

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A good read……

Do you like to spend your free time in a good fiction novel?  An interesting read  is Douglass’ Women, a  work by Jewell Parker Rhodes.  This is her fictional account of what might have been as the two most significant women in his life struggled with their feelings for him as he traveled on the road to abolish slavery in America.  Both women were real in his life, but Rhodes takes facts and weaves into it her own imagined conversations and feelings.  She admits that her goal was “not to diminish Douglass but, rather, to ‘lift the veil,’ to ‘reimagine’ the emotional truth of two women loving Douglass in an era of sweeping social change.”
If you like fiction that is based on history, or if you enjoy stories of the challenges and complexities of love,  as well as are curious of what it might have been like to live in such a changing social era, you will enjoy this book.
Rhodes  has a command of her words that makes it difficult to put down this book.  She is a truly talented author.  Find out about her or her other works at her website or her blog
You can find the book at Amazon in print or on Kindle or at your local library. 

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Let’s talk about talking.

Starting with today’s post, I want to talk about some of the stumbling blocks we all encounter in conversation.  Although social networking is front and center in today’s world – even in our business relationships, few of us can deny that we simply have to communicate face-to-face.  Sometimes today’s electronic crutches may inhibit our speaking skills.  So it’s time to bring them front and center and try to address these challenges.
For example, do you find yourself interrupting when you should be listening?  Remember that part of communication is listening.  When in conversation with someone, whether on a business or personal level, be sure that you take the time to listen before you speak.  Sometime we interrupt because we want to show the other person we are listening, but be careful because sometimes it sends a message that we want control.  To the other person, it may seem rude or that we are “stepping on toes” if we do this often within the same conversation.
So how can we figure out if we are being interruptive in an unwelcome manner?  Try to detect body language coming from the other person.  Make eye contact and watch for feelings projected through their eyes or face.   If you do start to interrupt and the other person keeps talking, they probably don’t appreciate your interjection.  So take a breath, listen and then respond.  Try to slow down all that is going on in your brain and just simply listen….
It’s a challenge, but can preserve many a business or personal relationship.  Try it!

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The satisfaction of something completed

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Last night my husband and I attended the Flagler Beach Historical Museum fundraiser Gilli-Gala at the Palm Coast Yacht Club.  It was so rewarding to see my graphic design work on display via the poster at the entrance and the programs on the dining tables.    It is exciting to expand my skill level and learn more with each project completed, and the complements I received reinforces my commitment to continue to learn and grow.
Also met some great new people, had some fun dancing and the food was Fantastic!!!

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Wednesday, September 8 – lots of time looking at Words

This has been a busy week. I’ve been looking at words, pictures and graphics all week. I have spent much of this week helping a local non-profit with some of their marketing pieces and program for a fundraiser. I have learned some new techniques in layout design and along the way acquired a friend and colleague.
This new colleague of mine and I have discovered that we share much in our thought process and style of working. It is good to have someone to bounce things off of without feeling like you are stepping on toes. A mutual respect of your co-workers’ skills and knowledge is always a good thing. It is good to keep an open mind about what you know, and more importantly, about what you don’t know. Often you can learn from each other. Thanks, Teri, for being a friend and a great colleague!!
Other projects this week included visiting with my community’s director of volunteer services to find ways that I can volunteer my time to help them with some of their marketing pieces and fundraising programs.
But somewhere I have to make some dollars, so I also developed a new pricing schedule for future editing projects that I will soon share with my targeted audience.
Happy reading, writing, and communicating! See you next time…..

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Email Etiquette

Just a quick note about email etiquette. It is a must today. We all are deluged with emails on a daily basis, whether in our business or personal mailboxes. If you send an email to a large group of recipients, take the time to place the addresses into a “bcc” box instead of a “cc” box unless there is REALLY a reason for other recipients to see who else got the message in question.

Many of us don’t care for our address to be spread to the world. In addition, if another recipient hits “reply all” you start receiving messages that may be best left to the original sender.

Just my thoughts for today. Happy Tuesday on this short work week!

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Time to get going………

Okay, it is time to get this thing going. I have been spending too much time thinking about this blog and not enough time writing on it. You gotta start somewhere, so here goes.

How do you start to write? Do you have an idea in your head and make mental notes? do you jot things down with pen/pencil and paper or do you write notes on your computer? I always find it interesting to see what gets a person to start writing.

In my former role as an editor of a small monthly community news, my writers would often ask me what do you think about this, or that. My answer to them was usually this: write about what excites you, what you have an interest in. I find that usually a person’s best writing evolves out of what they are passionate about. So if you like to cook – write about that. If you get frustrated with local politics – do some research and write about that. If you have a favorite non-profit group in your community, then make a contact, try to get an interview and write an article about that interview. And, this is important, don’t worry about what you will do with the finished product. Just do it for yourself and keep it in a folder on your computer because you never know when an opportunity will surface for you to use that piece. Keep everything you write and develop a portfolio of your writing projects. I promise you some day the opportunity to use that portfolio will come so be prepared.

Personal story. A city newspaper was looking for people to write stories about the 4th of July. I did research on sparklers because they hold some of my fondest childhood memories of past 4th of July celebrations. I did the research, wrote the article and submitted it. The reply I got was, well we were really looking for something else. I thought, “all that work and thought process, so I’m going to save this. Maybe someday….” Two years later I found myself needing a 4th of July piece for my local monthly newspaper project – so I dusted off that article, polished it up a bit, and voila it was published!

Moral of the story – you never know what’s around the corner. You did the work because it interested you – so store it and someday you will have it when you need it!

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