Wednesday, September 8 – lots of time looking at Words

This has been a busy week. I’ve been looking at words, pictures and graphics all week. I have spent much of this week helping a local non-profit with some of their marketing pieces and program for a fundraiser. I have learned some new techniques in layout design and along the way acquired a friend and colleague.
This new colleague of mine and I have discovered that we share much in our thought process and style of working. It is good to have someone to bounce things off of without feeling like you are stepping on toes. A mutual respect of your co-workers’ skills and knowledge is always a good thing. It is good to keep an open mind about what you know, and more importantly, about what you don’t know. Often you can learn from each other. Thanks, Teri, for being a friend and a great colleague!!
Other projects this week included visiting with my community’s director of volunteer services to find ways that I can volunteer my time to help them with some of their marketing pieces and fundraising programs.
But somewhere I have to make some dollars, so I also developed a new pricing schedule for future editing projects that I will soon share with my targeted audience.
Happy reading, writing, and communicating! See you next time…..


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  1. Anonymous

    Ditto! I know exactly how you feel!