Let’s talk about talking.

Starting with today’s post, I want to talk about some of the stumbling blocks we all encounter in conversation.  Although social networking is front and center in today’s world – even in our business relationships, few of us can deny that we simply have to communicate face-to-face.  Sometimes today’s electronic crutches may inhibit our speaking skills.  So it’s time to bring them front and center and try to address these challenges.
For example, do you find yourself interrupting when you should be listening?  Remember that part of communication is listening.  When in conversation with someone, whether on a business or personal level, be sure that you take the time to listen before you speak.  Sometime we interrupt because we want to show the other person we are listening, but be careful because sometimes it sends a message that we want control.  To the other person, it may seem rude or that we are “stepping on toes” if we do this often within the same conversation.
So how can we figure out if we are being interruptive in an unwelcome manner?  Try to detect body language coming from the other person.  Make eye contact and watch for feelings projected through their eyes or face.   If you do start to interrupt and the other person keeps talking, they probably don’t appreciate your interjection.  So take a breath, listen and then respond.  Try to slow down all that is going on in your brain and just simply listen….
It’s a challenge, but can preserve many a business or personal relationship.  Try it!

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