A good read……

Do you like to spend your free time in a good fiction novel?  An interesting read  is Douglass’ Women, a  work by Jewell Parker Rhodes.  This is her fictional account of what might have been as the two most significant women in his life struggled with their feelings for him as he traveled on the road to abolish slavery in America.  Both women were real in his life, but Rhodes takes facts and weaves into it her own imagined conversations and feelings.  She admits that her goal was “not to diminish Douglass but, rather, to ‘lift the veil,’ to ‘reimagine’ the emotional truth of two women loving Douglass in an era of sweeping social change.”
If you like fiction that is based on history, or if you enjoy stories of the challenges and complexities of love,  as well as are curious of what it might have been like to live in such a changing social era, you will enjoy this book.
Rhodes  has a command of her words that makes it difficult to put down this book.  She is a truly talented author.  Find out about her or her other works at her website or her blog
You can find the book at Amazon in print or on Kindle or at your local library. 

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