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Austen manuscripts online today

For Jane Austen fans everywhere, today is a great day!  Her handwritten manuscripts are available on line.  Yes, that’s 1100 pages of her writing in  her own handwriting.  This project was made possible by the efforts of Professor Kathryn Sutherland of Oxford University who has been studying Austen’s unpublished writing.
Sutherland’s studies also revealed that most likely Austen’s works were edited by William Gifford and that her original writing may have been a bit rougher than originally thought.  Sutherland warns that this discovery should not minimize our respect for Austen.  In fact, she says that these manuscripts demonstrate that the authoress was “”even better at writing dialogue and conversation” than as presented in the versions that we continue to enjoy to this day.
The Arts and  History Research Council (AHRC)  provided the funding for this research.  The council was joined by University of Oxford and King’s College London in supporting this project.
For any of us that enjoy the work of  Austen, we are grateful to the team that brought this about.

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It’s the Little Things that matter – one drop at a time…………

Hooray, it’s Blog Action Day.    What exactly does that mean?  Well, since you asked, I’ll tell you.  Blog Action Day is celebrated every October 15 the world over.  On this day bloggers everywhere come together and post to their blogs on the same subject in an effort to raise global awareness on an issue that affects everyone.  So today I am writing about water. 
This year we are talking about WATER and partnering with the UN in their goal to bring clean  and safe water to the entire world.  So how powerful is this method of communication?  As of this writing, here are the stats on our joint blogging effort:
  • 4,684 Blogs
  • 135 Countries represented 
  • 35,454,449 readers!
This is powerful education.  But what can we do on our own level  with what we already know and how can we learn more about how to conserve and make sure our future water supplies are safe?   The St. Johns’ River Water Management District  (SJRWMD) serves several counties in the northeast quadrant of Florida where I call home.  The SJRWMD has identified  Flagler County (again my home) as an area where groundwater alone will not be sufficient to meet projected water supply needs of the future.
St. Johns River in Florida

To help address this concern, the district has invited local county and city government bodies to join with them in investigating the potential for desalination.  After all, we have the Atlantic Ocean as our backyard and there has to be a way to use that water for drinking. 

Although this is a great idea, we have to work harder to just do the little things to help conserve what we have.  So where do we start? 
Here are some suggestions:
Don’t leave water running when you are not using it.  For instance, is your water heater a long distance from the shower in your home?  If so, it probably takes a long time to get that warm water to the shower.  Few of us like to stand in a cold shower waiting.  You can try brushing your teeth with the cooler water while standing to the side.  Another idea I read about is to run the hot water in your bathroom sink to make sure that the hot water is in the pipes that leads to your bathroom.  You run a lot less water in your sink than you do in the shower so this does help.  I tried it!
Some other ideas are: 
  • shut the water off after you get your toothbrush wet
  • run your dishwasher and clothes washer only with full loads
  • don’t let the water run while you clean vegetables – just rinse briefly
  • limit your use of the garbage disposal – think about a compost bin instead!
These are just a few suggestions for indoor conservation, but there are more ways you can save and conserve within your home. Do some research.  There are plenty of resources to help you.  The real key is to just stop and think before you turn on that faucet.
And don’t forget about outdoors.  Here in Florida we have watering restrictions for watering our lawns, but do you adhere to those restrictions?  Make sure you do.  If you are unsure about these rules, ask your local city or county office or consult their website.  You are sure to find the answers.

If we all work together we can do our part to make sure that our world has the water it needs for generations to come.

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    One of my projects – the family cookbook

    I have been working this week on some new projects, but happily have had some time to put into my family cookbook project.

    I am building a family tree to incorporate into the cookbook and am building a collection of recipes from family members, both from the past and the present.  This is such an emotionally uplifting project.  I am also doing the layout in Adobe InDesign® so am working on my skills of communication on so many levels, that it is mind-boggling.

    Also trying to finish ProbloggingSecret for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income by Rowse and Garrett.  This is a fantastic resource for bloggers everywhere.  Whether you are interested in generating revenue or just want to have fun blogging, there is a wealth of information in this book.  I highly recommend it!  Locally, in Palm Coast, you can find it at the Flagler county Library (err, that is when I return it!!)

    Next time I will have an entry on speaking habits! 

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