One of my projects – the family cookbook

I have been working this week on some new projects, but happily have had some time to put into my family cookbook project.

I am building a family tree to incorporate into the cookbook and am building a collection of recipes from family members, both from the past and the present.  This is such an emotionally uplifting project.  I am also doing the layout in Adobe InDesign® so am working on my skills of communication on so many levels, that it is mind-boggling.

Also trying to finish ProbloggingSecret for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income by Rowse and Garrett.  This is a fantastic resource for bloggers everywhere.  Whether you are interested in generating revenue or just want to have fun blogging, there is a wealth of information in this book.  I highly recommend it!  Locally, in Palm Coast, you can find it at the Flagler county Library (err, that is when I return it!!)

Next time I will have an entry on speaking habits! 


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