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>Communicating through a Blog – success of Nancy Nally of Palm Coast in Florida Trend


This is great stuff about success, small business entrepreneurs and options to home office.  Nancy Nally is a nationally known scrapbooker and blogs about scrapbooking very successfully (1 million hits a year).  This article also gives some nice exposure to Palm Coast and local business owners of Office Divvy that offer alternative office space solutions!    You can also find Nally and Office Divvy on Facebook.  Nally also co-hosts the most popular scrapbook podcast on iTunes –  Paperclipping Roundtable.  Check it out and let me have your comments!!

Trends – Home Office Alternatives – from Florida Trend, Florida’s Source For Business News

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>Just sitting around and sharing………


Today was an enlightening day.  As I sat around a table with another group of writers, both accomplished and aspiring, at the local chapter meeting (Palm Coast)  of the Florida Writers Association, I was inspired and pumped by the energy that permeated the room.

I came away from this meeting (and the lunch that followed) with a new awareness of the challenges faced by authors.  But more importantly, it was exciting to see the level of local talent present in the room and the energy they transfer through their words, thoughts and creativity.  From fiction to memoirs to poetry to researched sociological writing,  it was all here.  And each person had a contribution to the synergy.  We covered it all – assessing our abilities, ghost writing, writing contests, conferences, getting published, challenges of electronic book formats, interpretation of the worth of our writing in our mind and that of the consumer, getting exposure from a variety of resources – such as blogs, Facebook, a web site, face-to-face marketing endeavors.  Wow!  Communication at its finest.
For me, I came away with inspiration for future projects and a renewed commitment to my goals for the New Year to achieve greater success spiritually, professionally and financially.
As I listened and participated with the conversation in the room, ideas were whirling around in my head  – some that I vocalized, others that remain hidden in the deepest crevices of my brain.

Today I made new friends, encountered new colleagues and continued on my path to learn something new each day.  If you’ve been following my blog, you know that is one of my resolutions for 2011.  And let me tell you, today I probably learned enough to fulfill a month’s requirement at the very least!
The power of open face-to-face communication should never be minimized.   Eye contact, body language, talking and listening.   Each aspect is rewarding.

Today revealed treasures in abundance.  Like Jeff Swesky, author of Flight From Fear,  Mike King, author of Fatherhood 101 and owner of Clearview Press and Jaycee Adams of Mopjockey.  Now you have to admit, you’re curious about that last one, aren’t you?  Be sure to take a look at his site. And there were more, like Natalie, Claudia, Tricia, Donna  – all with a passion for writing and learning.  To everyone that was there that might be reading this, I don’t mean to leave you out,  I just can’t remember everyone’s name, but each one of your added to this experience for all!

I enjoy finding hidden treasures in my community and bringing them to the public eye.  Bringing them to light is the next step.  Watch for more soon…………..


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Speno: Lots to do in Flagler County as 2011 begins |

Read my latest contribution in The St. Augustine Record Neighbors Feature here

Speno: Lots to do in Flagler County as 2011 begins |

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The Word of the Day is……

What does that mean????
Communication is so dynamic.  Today I was chatting with my 14 year old grandson on Facebook, er FB.  I told him to have a good weekend.  Being the writer and editor that I am, I find it difficult to write with the latest lingo and tend to spell each word out.  I can’t help it; it’s my nature and my profession to write that way. 

So he responds back to me “ight”.  Now I am trying to figure out what that was the acronym for because I figured that’s what it was  –  like lol or gf or  brb.  (Translation: Laugh out loud/girlfriend/be right back.)

I surely didn’t want to look like the “uncool Grandma” that didn’t know what that meant so just googled it instead of saying, “Jimmy, what does that mean”

According to Urban Dictionary,

Ight is originated from the word “alright” but people over the years have become to lazy to say alright. Ight is most common among skaters,punks and gangsters. It is a very fun word to use.

So in case you didn’t know, now you know. And you wanna have fun, ight?

Now I do have an issue with Urban’s definition.  “Alright” is actually not a correct word either!  The correct way to spell it is all right (two words always).  Any grammar reference book will tell you that, but there I go again with my traditional and correct method of writing.  What IS wrong with me!  IDK!

One of my resolutions for the New Year is to learn something new everyday.
Today’s new something has been met.

Now I am not so sure that this is a good thing to learn.  You have to use this lingo within boundaries. Teachers up through the college level are finding that this slang has worked its way into writing projects.  So let’s keep reinforcing good writing and grammar to our kids.  That may be a real challenge, but there are some ideas to help you help them “break the habit” at EHow

If you have a story to share about “the new lingo,” post me a comment!


(Okay figure it out.  If you can’t, check out Urban for help.!!)


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Thanks New Followers!

As a relatively new blogger, it is so EXCITING to gain new followers!  Thanks everyone.  This is what makes blogging fun.  This also motivates me to continue to add and build quality content to this blog.  I have done the research, reading books focused on creating and building blogs.  I learned a lot about how to get started and the best way to approach your subject.  ProBlogger originator, Darren Rowse, author of  ProBlogger – Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income gives a lot of great advice.  Even though the book is a few years old, the success of Rowse is reason enough to give the book your attention.  And we all know how fast technology changes.  Case in point – Facebook.

Professional Blogging for Dummies by Susan J. Getgood, a social media marketing consultant, also gives a lot of sound advice and strategies to develop your blog.  For instance, find out what other people are blogging about and find a niche that interests you.

Rowse suggest that you identify a timely subject that’s interesting and has the basis for providing a lot of material.  He recommends you be unique, fun and newsworthy.

If you are thinking about getting started on blogging, make sure you check out these or other references.  The six-figure income idea sounds great, but takes the right subject matter with the right connections and a LOT of time, effort and writing as you will discover if you read the Rowse selection, so don’t get too excited!  You’ve got to find something that no one else has, and that can be a challenge. Probably the best parts of these books on blogging is reading about the successes of others.  It gives you the motivation to get started and believe that it can be done  — just don’t expect miracles over night. And you don’t have to be a professional blogger.  Many bloggers just do it as a hobby or a way for family to keep up-to-date with each other.  Whatever you choose, the tools are out there for the taking.

For me it’s fun and a challenge that keeps me focused on writing and reaching out to others.  And when others reach back, it makes it just that much more fun!

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Read my latest column from The St. Augustine Record Neighbors Feature

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The New Year Resolution Thing

Trying to get more focused on writing, blogging, writing, blogging, writing, blogging  —  and trying to generate some revenue  — and more writing and blogging  — you get the idea….

One of my primary resolutions for the New Year is to get involved in the local chapter of Florida Writers Association.  The Palm Coast Chapter meets at the Taste of Portugal Restaurant on the 4th Saturday of the month.  Now the 4th Saturday of the month isn’t here yet, so I can’t report to you how well I am doing with keeping that resolution, but I have connected with one of the group leaders, Jeff Swesky, and some of the chapter members through Facebook, so that’s a start to the commitment.

BTW, Jeff recently ran a contest to increase his Facebook Fans and yours truly won.  My prize was a set of autographed copies of Writing is Easy and More Writing is Easy by The Rogues Gallery Writers.

Be sure to check back to see how I am doing on this resolution and others.  Let me hear from you.  I want to know about your resolution list!



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