And the story continues…..

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As a fan of the classics, I have written before about Jane Austen’s brilliant contributions to literature.  And if you are an Austen fan, be sure to check out my post from October here and see her manuscripts online.

A few posts ago, I talked about the domino effect in discovering outstanding authors.  My personal domino experience began with Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.  As I moved from the book to the screen versions and then to more screen work of Colin Firth,  I discovered the writings of the talented Tracy Chevalier.  See more about this in my post of November 3 here.

For me the Austen stories are real and give us a reflection of the social condition of the time that sometimes seems not so very different from today.  Her stories always leave me thirsting for more.  As a true romantic at heart, I like to imagine how the characters flow into the next stages of their relationships and lives. 

In step a variety of authors that have used their creativity to do just that –  expand on the Austen stories.   Linda Berdall, Pamela Aidan, Sharon Lathan, Helen Halstead and Amanda Grange are a few.  Some of their works are better than others, but they all take us into their imagination as they explore “what might have been” sequels to Austen’s originals. 

However, one author that truly stands out from the others, is Rachel Billington and her Emma and Knightley.  After reading this work, the characters were so real that I felt like I knew them after turning the last page of the book.  Billington does an amazing job of making her story believable to the reader.  She explores communication in this novel through the ever so fragile first year of the marriage of Emma and Knightley as they go through a series of misunderstandings and start to lose their closeness merely due to their own failure to communicate their innermost thoughts and feelings with each. 

As demonstrated through this novel, we are once again reminded of the importance of communication.


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