The New Year Resolution Thing

Trying to get more focused on writing, blogging, writing, blogging, writing, blogging  —  and trying to generate some revenue  — and more writing and blogging  — you get the idea….

One of my primary resolutions for the New Year is to get involved in the local chapter of Florida Writers Association.  The Palm Coast Chapter meets at the Taste of Portugal Restaurant on the 4th Saturday of the month.  Now the 4th Saturday of the month isn’t here yet, so I can’t report to you how well I am doing with keeping that resolution, but I have connected with one of the group leaders, Jeff Swesky, and some of the chapter members through Facebook, so that’s a start to the commitment.

BTW, Jeff recently ran a contest to increase his Facebook Fans and yours truly won.  My prize was a set of autographed copies of Writing is Easy and More Writing is Easy by The Rogues Gallery Writers.

Be sure to check back to see how I am doing on this resolution and others.  Let me hear from you.  I want to know about your resolution list!




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3 responses to “The New Year Resolution Thing

  1. >Well…how are you doing on your resolution? :)Just went through your blog and liked your style of writing…Hope you hit the bullseye with your resolution.

  2. >HI ChaitraThanks for visiting Words Etc. Well, my resolutions are going pretty well. I have been learning lots of new things as I started on a new contract with a web designer. Learning more about Joomla and working in Basecamp Project Management. So learning lots of new things!visit again. I will visit you as well.

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