The Word of the Day is……

What does that mean????
Communication is so dynamic.  Today I was chatting with my 14 year old grandson on Facebook, er FB.  I told him to have a good weekend.  Being the writer and editor that I am, I find it difficult to write with the latest lingo and tend to spell each word out.  I can’t help it; it’s my nature and my profession to write that way. 

So he responds back to me “ight”.  Now I am trying to figure out what that was the acronym for because I figured that’s what it was  –  like lol or gf or  brb.  (Translation: Laugh out loud/girlfriend/be right back.)

I surely didn’t want to look like the “uncool Grandma” that didn’t know what that meant so just googled it instead of saying, “Jimmy, what does that mean”

According to Urban Dictionary,

Ight is originated from the word “alright” but people over the years have become to lazy to say alright. Ight is most common among skaters,punks and gangsters. It is a very fun word to use.

So in case you didn’t know, now you know. And you wanna have fun, ight?

Now I do have an issue with Urban’s definition.  “Alright” is actually not a correct word either!  The correct way to spell it is all right (two words always).  Any grammar reference book will tell you that, but there I go again with my traditional and correct method of writing.  What IS wrong with me!  IDK!

One of my resolutions for the New Year is to learn something new everyday.
Today’s new something has been met.

Now I am not so sure that this is a good thing to learn.  You have to use this lingo within boundaries. Teachers up through the college level are finding that this slang has worked its way into writing projects.  So let’s keep reinforcing good writing and grammar to our kids.  That may be a real challenge, but there are some ideas to help you help them “break the habit” at EHow

If you have a story to share about “the new lingo,” post me a comment!


(Okay figure it out.  If you can’t, check out Urban for help.!!)


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6 responses to “The Word of the Day is……

  1. >When I first started usinf Facebook, I too was getting annoyed at all the short initials people were using. It was worse for me as some of my friends would use the English alphabet to write Gujarati. For a while I never knew what they were talking about!! But now – if you can't beat them -join them!!Mina

  2. >Yes, Mina, sometimes we have to "join them" as you say. I have learned a lot by communicating online with my grandsons – ages 14 and 11 🙂 But it is important that we reinforce the importance of good writing skills. Don't you agree?

  3. >Thanks for the great post Christine! As one who blogs about "names" I was intrigued by your discussion of the new shorthand. I myself usually feel very out of it when I don't understand an acronym that I encounter on the web. It's good to see I'm not alone! It's funny, but I think we tend to forget that the very word "blog" is actually shorthand for "weblog," and only came into use a few short years ago! IMHO, there is no way to stop the evolution of the language! Like many things today, it just seems to be happening at lightning speed. BTW — what do you think Hemingway would have made of all this? He certainly espoused brevity in language!

  4. >Ah Hemingway – my hero. Thanks for your thoughtful commentary. I agree incessant use of acronyms and "new" words is overwhelming at times. I really like your statement: "there is no way to stop the evolution of the language." I do believe I shall add that to my collection of favorite quotes. See my page entitled "great quotes" on this blog!Thanks again for reading and for taking the time to comment. Make blogging so much more interesting

  5. >This has nothing to do with today's "lingo", but one word that really irks me is when someonesays "preventative". Some dictionaries even have it as a listing.Love your blog. I found it thru the Linkedin Blogger group.

  6. >Thanks for your comment Judy! We'll have to do some research on that word. I'll add it to my list.And yes, I have really enjoyed The Blog Zone on LinkedIn. What a great group for driving traffic, huh?Please visit again or follow me. I am going to your blog now!