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Today was an enlightening day.  As I sat around a table with another group of writers, both accomplished and aspiring, at the local chapter meeting (Palm Coast)  of the Florida Writers Association, I was inspired and pumped by the energy that permeated the room.

I came away from this meeting (and the lunch that followed) with a new awareness of the challenges faced by authors.  But more importantly, it was exciting to see the level of local talent present in the room and the energy they transfer through their words, thoughts and creativity.  From fiction to memoirs to poetry to researched sociological writing,  it was all here.  And each person had a contribution to the synergy.  We covered it all – assessing our abilities, ghost writing, writing contests, conferences, getting published, challenges of electronic book formats, interpretation of the worth of our writing in our mind and that of the consumer, getting exposure from a variety of resources – such as blogs, Facebook, a web site, face-to-face marketing endeavors.  Wow!  Communication at its finest.
For me, I came away with inspiration for future projects and a renewed commitment to my goals for the New Year to achieve greater success spiritually, professionally and financially.
As I listened and participated with the conversation in the room, ideas were whirling around in my head  – some that I vocalized, others that remain hidden in the deepest crevices of my brain.

Today I made new friends, encountered new colleagues and continued on my path to learn something new each day.  If you’ve been following my blog, you know that is one of my resolutions for 2011.  And let me tell you, today I probably learned enough to fulfill a month’s requirement at the very least!
The power of open face-to-face communication should never be minimized.   Eye contact, body language, talking and listening.   Each aspect is rewarding.

Today revealed treasures in abundance.  Like Jeff Swesky, author of Flight From Fear,  Mike King, author of Fatherhood 101 and owner of Clearview Press and Jaycee Adams of Mopjockey.  Now you have to admit, you’re curious about that last one, aren’t you?  Be sure to take a look at his site. And there were more, like Natalie, Claudia, Tricia, Donna  – all with a passion for writing and learning.  To everyone that was there that might be reading this, I don’t mean to leave you out,  I just can’t remember everyone’s name, but each one of your added to this experience for all!

I enjoy finding hidden treasures in my community and bringing them to the public eye.  Bringing them to light is the next step.  Watch for more soon…………..



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  1. >Yes, that Mopjockey one DOES sound intriguing! Thanks for the link!

  2. >Yes, it is intriguing and I saw that you placed it on Urban Dictionary too!

  3. >Hi Christine, It was a pleasure to meet you at the Palm Coast Writers meeting. I've started to follow you here and on Facebook. I'm intriqued and excited by the information that you're brining to the local neighbors about their towns. Looking forward to seeing you again.Natalie

  4. >NatalieNice to meet you also. Glad you visited my blog. Come back often and tell me what you think about my posts! Visit me at the FWA Palm Coast blog also at http://fwapalmcoast.wordpress.com/See you soon!