Communicating with all your senses…

I have really been neglecting my blog of late and that has got to stop.  I have so many ideas roaming around in my head, and I have the best intentions.  I create a headline with a few bullet points and save those in a “future blog posts” folder on my laptop.  But other things are just keeping me too busy – both work and family – and all good stuff!

But this evening after spending an evening in my yard, I find myself overlooking all those “future post ideas,” and returning to my thought process of a few weeks ago about Earth Day and how we can carry the message of Earth Day into our lives every day – not just on April 22 of each year. 

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The first picking of beans and peppers!

For me, the best way to communicate with my Earth is through plants.  After enjoying our homegrown green beans and banana peppers this week, I am motivated to keep the momentum going.  As I walk through our small yard I can enjoy a variety of flowers – both perennial and annuals, vegetables ranging from tomatoes to cucumbers to peppers to summer and winter squash. I can see, smell, touch and taste the fruits of my labor.  As I crunch on a fresh-picked green bean, I even hear myself  communicating with my Earth.

I am particularly proud of my Delicata winter squash.  These were started from seed that I dried from a Delicata that was purchased from the local grocery store last fall.  Of course we enjoyed the baked squash, but I kept the seeds and thought I’d try to reproduce the deliciously sweet flavors of this beautiful fall delight

I view this as natural recycling – buy the vegetable, clean out the seeds, dry them, store them over the winter months, plant them in the spring garden and voilà, we are on our way to enjoying our own homegrown version (as long as our famous Florida bugs don’t overtake!)

I try to grow as organically as possible by treating plants with a spray of water, garlic and dish liquid.  It sometimes smells pretty bad, but it seems to do the trick in most cases.  The key is to spray both side of the leaves of plants in either early morning or evening – just when the bugs are ready to feast.  For more ideas like this, check out Gayla Trail and her books and website.

The family chickens!

Adding eggshells to the soil also helps to enrich the soil and also acts as a bug deterrent.  Those shells can be sharp to the soft bodies of snails or slugs that often pester garden soil.  Rest assured that you won’t be killing the little critters  — only making them seek their food elsewhere.  Ouch!  those eggshells hurt….  BTW the eggs I use come from our daughter’s chickens – now  how organic can you get!

I guess the important thing is to do what helps you communicate with the Earth in the best way for you.  There are so many things you can do to preserve our Earth for the future.  Check out my post from a few weeks ago for more ideas.  For me taking those little seeds and watching them grow into plants and eventually flowers or vegetables brings the greatest pleasure while I know that I am doing the best thing for my beautiful Earth.  Enjoy your world and keep the doors of communication open!!



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5 responses to “Communicating with all your senses…

  1. Christine, What a lovely post and pictures! That’s what comes when you let your senses guide you. I can relate to the “future blog posts” folder. Sometimes, it may be a good idea to slow down a bit with all your blogging. Just see what happens when you do!

  2. What a great post, Christine. I have to say the picture of the chickens took me by surprise — hilarious! I really enjoyed the view of your gardens. They are quite lovely. The slideshow pulled me in and made me feel like I was there. Being an avid gardener myself, this made for a pleasurable post, indeed.

  3. Thanks for visiting Sherry. They are my daughter’s chickens. She has a law degree from University of Missouri, but her love is her animals and her fight for their good treatment. She lives just outside of Gainesville, Florida in a quaint little place called Newberry. Chickens abound there and the eggs are wonderful!

    Glad you enjoyed the slideshow. I’ve got to get back to blogging more. Watch for more soon!