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Finding your Inspiration.


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How are you inspired?

Have you ever thought about it?

What drives you do get something done?  Does it take a person, an event, something you read, or maybe a personal experience?  It seems that ideas pop into this jumbled up brain of mine throughout the day.  I hear something or read something or sometimes just sit quietly on my patio in the early morning or the late evening and listen to the sounds around me and am inspired with an idea about something I’d like to write or get done.

I think the key is to listen to that little voice inside of you; be in touch with your senses, and you will be filled with inspiration.  Today we are so caught up in the hectic lives we lead, that we forget to just stop and listen, ponder, think and take it all in.

Try it and you may be surprised

Sometimes just flipping through an old photo album (yes, the old fashioned kind are nice, but even your digital pictures will do) will help you get in touch with a memory that is buried deep inside your brain and is now jolted free by that photo.  Then act on it.  Write that note to your aunt or uncle who doesn’t use email or call that friend from years back that you’ve been meaning to reconnect with.  Or launch a bigger project.  You’ll have to decide what the bigger project is.

For me, a few years back, I decided upon building a family cookbook/memoir to honor my family  — my dad and mom (now both gone), my brother, my in-laws, aunts, uncles, cousins and the list goes on.  But more importantly for me, I felt it was something I needed to do to leave for our children, grandchildren and future generations so that they will always be able to connect with the past.

Now my challenge is to complete that seed of inspiration and see it to fruition.  You’ll note that up above, I said “a few years back,” and that cookbook is still not in print.  But it’s getting closer and I am determined to see it through soon!

What’s your inspiration and what are you going to do about it?

My suggestion is to write down those ideas that are jumpstarted by whatever inspires you.  But don’t just sit on them.  Make the time to complete your thoughts and record them into a journal so you can go back to them later or better yet right now.

Try it.

If you look around you, you may be surprised at where you’ll discover your inspiration.  The important thing is that you find it.

Have a great week of writing, thinking and communicating.  I’ll update you on that cookbook soon!


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Low Cost Pet Shot Clinic in Flagler County

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A community service announcement:

There will be a low cost pet shot clinic sponsored by the SPCA animal rescue  on Saturday June 25th from 9:00am till 11:30am in the parking lot of Flagler Playhouse, 301 E. Moody, Bunnell.


  • Rabies shots  $6.00
  • Dog 6 in 1 distemper/ parvo combo $10.00
  • Cat 4 Way distemper combo $10.00
  • Feline Leukemia $16.00
  • Bordatella $12.00
  • Heartworm Testing $16.00
  • Worming $5.00


Heartworm Prevention and Flea Products will be available for purchase.  All vaccinations administered by a licensed veterinarian.  The clinic is licensed and permitted.  Cash only for the shots.  Clinic is open to everyone, no appointment needed.

Call 386-748-8993 for more info.



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Do you think sewing is a lost art? Think again!

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Christine Speno: Sewing guild coming to Palm Coast |

Just when you thought that the world of technology has totally taken over our lives, something comes to light that makes you realize that some things from generations past never go out of style.  Now I love a story based on history and when I received a request to post some information on a new sewing group forming in my community, I grabbed the opportunity to do a little research about a hobby that I enjoyed for many years — sewing.

People have been sewing as far back as the last Ice Age —  more than 20,000 years ago.  Bone needles have been discovered in archaeology digs with evidence that these needles were probably used to sew together skins and furs.  Our innovative forefathers in Germany created needles from iron way back in the 3rd century B.C.

In 1790, Thomas Saint, a British inventor patented the first running sewing machine, and the craft has been evolving ever since.  Although sewing first was a necessary part of our ancestors’ daily lives, today it can be much more than sewing clothes.  So forget about that Home Ec disaster you may have created back in high school.  Today’s sewers use their creative vision and embrace quilt making and even some ancient arts – like Kanzashi  – a centuries-old art of creating Japanese hair ornaments that were used in traditional Japanese hairstyles.

And today’s sewers in the U.S. have the support of a national organization, the American Sewing Guild (ASG) that promotes sewing as a art form and life skill to be passed on to our future generations.  You can learn more about sewing and its history and movement into the 21st century at ASG or by doing your own research online.  I found links to several sewing guilds and organizations the world over.

So now you know about  one more way to express your creativity through the art of sewing.  Communication knows no limits.  Click on the link above or below to see how sewing is enjoying life in our community of Palm Coast, Florida.

Christine Speno: Sewing guild coming to Palm Coast |


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What’s going on in your community?

Christine Speno: Indoor, outdoor activities abound in Palm Coast |

Hello World

Lots of good stuff going on my community in the coming weeks.  You can read about both indoor and outdoor events that are coming up by clicking on the link  above. Grab your guitar, banjo or ukelele and jam with your neighbors at Gamble Rogers Park.  Or how about  enjoying a sunset river cruise or learning about and experiencing the excitement of Philippine culture?  There is something to please everyone.  Since I know I have many readers that don’t live in Flagler County, Florida, I’d love to know what’s going on where you live during the days of Summer 2011, so be sure to leave me a comment at the end of this post.

And speaking of guitars and other musical instruments, we are fortunate to have Mason Music of Flagler Beach offering a Summer Rock Camp for the kids coming up on June 14-17.  Kids will learn to play and be part of a team while enjoying the opportunity of participating in a live performance on stage at Flagler Playhouse on the last day of the camp.  For more details visit Mason’s website.

And speaking of Flagler Playhouse, hubby Angelo and I had the opportunity to experience the theater yesterday  during a performance of “P.S. Your Cat is Dead!”    Thanks to a great team of actors under the direction of Bruce Heighley (a very talented fixture at the Daytona Playhouse in Daytona Beach), along with everyone not on stage — from ushers to sound technicians, set designers, sponsors and more — this is a true community effort that shines!   You may have read my recent column on the theater.  If not, find it here.  It goes without saying that this is one of the best entertainment values in the area.  Be sure to catch one or more of their productions in the coming season and see what all the excitement is about at Flagler’s Only Community Theater!  You can still get tickets for “P.S.” performances through June 12th.
Thanks for reading and be sure to read the whole calendar of events by clicking on the link above or here.


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