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The new school year is fast approaching.  And with it come community efforts nationwide to make sure that all students start the year off right with everything they need to be successful in reaching their highest potential.  Good habits have to start at an early age.   We each can play a role in assuring the success of future generations by instilling the value of a good education in each young person that we come into contact with.  Whether that child is your own son or daughter, a niece, nephew, cousin, neighbor, or just the kid down the street, we can all help by participating in special programs and giving of our time, talent and resources.  Take the first step in your community to make a difference in the children that are our future.  .  Get involved in this community effort by participating in “back to school” events or local career fairs.  We all have a lot to offer.  All you have to do is take that first step.

Read how the Flagler County school district and its community partners are launching the new school year by clicking on the title above or  here.   What kind of special activities and events does your community organize to promote education?  Share it here by leaving a comment!

To our readers:  Read the July columns from  The St. Augustine Record Palm Coast Neighbors by clicking on the links below.  I’ve had a hard time staying in touch with all of you.  It was a busy July!!  Thanks for reading…..

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6 responses to “Encouraging kids to learn!

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  2. Thanks for this reminder, Christine. I have participated in career fairs in high schools, and it’s super fun, and actually a good networking opportunity if you’re a local service provider. Plus, – and I think this is the larger point here – you never know how your contribution might affect a young student at any age. Sometimes, things really “stick” with kids. If it’s a good piece of career advice or an example of community activity or compassion, it might have a profound and long-lasting effect.

  3. This post is relevant whether you live in Florida or Kansas! Great encouragement to get involved. In the tiny town in which I live, both parents usually work, so it’s hard to get involved during school hours, but they do a good job of involvement after school. I’ve not been so much involved since my kids grew up and left home, but will definitely consider it again now that you’ve given us this reminder and nudge here!

  4. The community can always use help in a variety of ways. I thought Nader’s suggestion (see the comment before yours) to participate in career fairs is a terrific way to give back to our kids and help encourage them to pursue career paths that they may not have thought about.
    Thanks for your comment.