Libraries — community assets

Library offers services online |

Flagler County Library, Palm Coast, Florida

What would we do without our libraries?

In these challenging economic times, our libraries do more than ever to serve us.  In our community of Palm Coast, Flagler County, Florida, online services make it even easier to explore all that our library has to offer.  The library today is much more than “just books.” Our library even offers a “one-stop” location for Passport Services.

Read more in this week’s column in The St. Augustine Record about what goes on at the Flagler County, Florida library.

How about your community library?  Do you take the time to discover what it can do for you?  And more importantly, when you use the library, do you  stop and say “thank you” to all the great folks that keep our libraries running and make them a safe and friendly place to relax, explore and learn?  Think about it!!

Read this week’s column by clicking here or on the link above.  Thanks for visiting, and please leave me a comment!!

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12 responses to “Libraries — community assets

  1. Great article! Libraries are such an important part of many lives.

  2. Fantastic and relevant blog especially now in these financially strapped times when cities like Toronto are actually thinking of shutting down some Libraries.

    • Thanks, John. We are a small community, but our library director has done a great job of promoting the library. For more info about how she has helped our library, see my post and column from earlier this year in the St. Augustine Record here.

  3. Very professional looking blog. Excellent work. I love blogs for and about writers and writing.

  4. wellreadbooks

    Hi Christine
    Great blog-love the functionality.
    I liked and subscribed to your blog. We have some common goals. I am blogging for Literacy Central Vancouver Island. We fund 90 tutors and 1000’s of hours of free literacy tutoring through a great little used book store. We have lots of childrens programs including “Kids reading to Dogs”
    I would like to stay in touch- You may have a guest blog for us?
    Also it would help if you could visit our Facebook page and “like” it.


    • Thanks for visiting, Jim. There is no limit to what we should all be doing to encourage literacy and the use of our public libraries (and private as well).

  5. I looooove our local library and the services it provides. Although books are significantly migrating to electronic format, I’m a firm believer in hard-copy books. I add one to my library whenever I find one that I want to read over and over again or keep for posterity. I like the physical presence of the books themselves and feel that I am creating an inheritance of sorts for my children by collecting them.

    • Yes, Sherry, our libraries are a great asset in all communities. They offer so many opportunities to explore and learn. This is especially true in these tough economic times. Most libraries offer a variety of free programs and resources. Libraries are much more than books!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Great post. I’m a huge library fan, but wonder where my local library will be in 3, 5 or 10 years. Hopefully, more libraries will promote their value in the community like your local library has successfully done.

    • Thank you so much for your comment. Yes, our libraries are struggling, and our community is fortunate to have such a great person at the helm. She does a great job of generating revenue during these difficult times.

      More women should be in charge 🙂