Irene communicating with us…..

Storm path

Photos by Christine Speno

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Sometimes pictures say more than words.  See the slideshow of photos I took last night to see just how beautiful  storms can be.  Beautiful, yes, but also treacherous.   Irene passed through our area last night, but fortunately stayed a safe distance out to sea. But the waves and surf were still a sight to behold and demonstrated the power and beauty of Mother Nature.

Our thoughts are with all of our neighbors to the north who are now preparing for Irene’s arrival as I write this post.  Having lived through the great hurricane season of 2004 that touched many of us along the Atlantic coast as well as inland areas of Central Florida and over to the Gulf, I really feel for  everyone from the Carolinas all the way up to New York.  It’s going to be a rough ride.

I remember experiencing Charlie in August 2004, just 6 days after my husband and I were married.  We cuddled up on the patio to listen to the storm.  BOOM!  A tree fell on a truck in our driveway and I don’t think we ever ran into the house so fast before or since.  Little did we realize that Charlie was just the beginning of what was to be a historical hurricane season.  He was soon followed by Frances, Ivan and Jean.  After Charlie we boarded up our house and lived with lots of darkness for weeks because the storms just kept coming.  The top layer of our wedding cake met its demise during this season.  After losing power three times, I finally gave up on trying to salvage it by running to the homes of friends who didn’t lose power and still had a freezer that worked!  Yes, 2004 was an interesting year to be sure.  Our cake was gone, but we were safe and so was our home.

And who of us can forget watching just a year later as New Orleans was devastated by Katrina.

We’ll never forget 2004.  It taught many of us down here in Florida to never take these storms lightly.  We send good thoughts to our neighbors to the north waiting for Irene. Always prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Learn about past storms here or visit the National Hurrican Center at NOAA



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7 responses to “Irene communicating with us…..

  1. Your pictures are awesome! Here in Minnesota, we’re not in the path of any hurricanes; instead, we’re situated in the tornado belt of the country and we’ve had our fair share of those over the last few months. We have friends who are in Irene’s path and we’ll be keeping a careful eye on her. I enjoyed visiting your blog and I’ll be back!

    • Thanks for your comment, Sandra. I know all about tornadoes as I lived in Missouri for many years. Actually went to school for my ug degree in Joplin, Missouri, the site of one of the worst tornadoes his year, tas you know. I know that Minnesota had some bad tornadoes this spring also with loss of life. So sad. Sometimes tornadoes follow a hurricane too. I remember that happened in 2004. Also a few years back, a terrible tornado came through Daytona Beach on Christmas Eve. I think the scariest thing about tornadoes is that here is often no or very little warning. At least with a hurricane, we know it’s coming and can evacuate. Stuff can be replaced, but lives are another story.
      All in all Mother Nature is always communicating with us. God bless all who are touched by this latest visit from nature…

  2. AS

    Great info on Hurricanes. There are the ones some of us remember and then many more to explore. Clicking the learn about past storms takes you to every hurricane in chronological order! Neat stuff

    • Thanks for visiting. Yes, there are some very memorable hurricanes in our history. We are fortunate today in that tracking technology has become so sophisticated allowing time for evacuations. Appreciate your comment!

  3. The most churning water pictures I remember is sitting in my Aunt and Uncle’s house on Lake Superior and seeing a storm pass through. The white caps, the wind was an incredible display of Mother Nature.

  4. I always enjoy reading your personal experiences. It gives us a peak into your personal life and who you really are as a person, wife, etc. I love that. I also enjoy reading about your local events. Sounds like THE place to be for social activities!

    • Thanks for visiting and for leaving a comment. We do have lots going on, but I know there is a lot going on in communities everywhere. Tell me about activities in your area. I’d love to hear about them!