Art – How do you express yourself?

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Art can be found in anything....

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We are surrounded by talent.  Humans express themselves in so many artistic ways.  We paint, sculpt, sing, play an instrument, write and more.  No matter how we express ourselves, it is our art.  I think it is so interesting to explore the ways that we find our way to our art.  When you think about it, just about anything we do can be perceived as an art.   People sew, cook, garden, design roads and bridges, develop web sites, just to name a few.  And the results of all of these endeavors can be considered that person’s art.   Even if we don’t all agree on what is beautiful, to the “doer” of these expressions, there is beauty.

My community is filled with beautiful talent.  Last week  I attended a critique group that is part of the Florida Writers Association/Palm Coast chapter, and what struck me most was that in a small group of people, we had talent in abundance.   Although the group members are all writers, both published and aspiring to be so, the one strength that came through was the variety of other skills that this group demonstrates.

For instance, one member is an ER trauma nurse and besides being part of The Rogues Gallery Writers, she also creates beautiful fabric panel wall  art by transforming photos with fabric, needle and thread.  See it at her FB business page here.  Another member has written a beautiful children’s book (yet  unpublished, but we keep encouraging her) that not only entertains young children, but teaches valuable lessons and provides tools for teachers.  And yet another member is a publisher, as well as a writer.  Check out his site here.   And the list goes on.  See many of their backgrounds at the FWA blog.

Recently I learned of yet another person in our community who took attic finds and family memories of his wife’s grandmother and uncle and using those tools, he discovered his own hidden talent for writing.  Mr. John Cordasci of Palm Coast is a delightful gentleman that I had the opportunity to sit down with recently.  The love he has developed for the craft of  writing is evident and the pride he takes in telling a family story is inspiring.  Cordasci’s first book is a novella entitled, Stalag17B and The Pete Skripka Story.    Go to buy books on the web to learn more.  The author is a retired senior systems analyst that relocated to Palm Coast, Florida with his wife Judy.  He was educated at City College of New York and New York University.  He served in the Korean Conflict and also spent time in Germany during his military career.  He and his wife have three children and four grandchildren.  He spends his retirement developing his unfolding writing talent.  Find out more in this week’s Palm Coast Neighbors feature  where you’ll also learn more about our local community events.

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8 responses to “Art – How do you express yourself?

  1. I never underestimate the talents or prior experience of the people I meet anywhere. You never know their history. Three years ago, an elderly man became our elementary school’s crossing guard. He looked unassuming and I just thought he was simply a very sweet retiree who wanted to serve his community. Never in my wildest dreams did I realize that he was the former Fire Chief, a quite prominent position. And some seniors only discover their talents when they retire. A good example is a local woman who recently passed away. She was in her 70’s before she took up painting. She never, ever sold anything, but gave it all away. It’s been featured in prominent art museums and is highly valued. At the time of this writing, I cannot remember her name, but her fame spread throughout the U.S. due to her talent (at her age), philanthropy and generosity. You never know what kind of talent lives next door …

  2. Thanks for sharing your stories, Sherry. We all have many talents. Sometimes they take a little living to surface!

    Please visit again….

  3. I couldn’t agree more–retirees have so many artistic gifts. I’ve met writers, artists, woodworkers, and so many others whose gifts are absolutely amazing. I’m thinking particularly of a retiree who has taken up woodworking and his sculptures are incredibly beautiful. And frequently the most gifted are the most unassuming. Love your blog and I’ll be back!

    • Yes, you are correct, Sandra, retirees have much to offer their community and the world, but quite simply we all do. Some of the folks I mentioned in my post are far from retirees! They range in age from 30 – 77. Every person has art inside of themselves – no matter what their age. See Mike’s comments that follow. His artistic development unfolded throughout his life. I can totally relate to that.
      Thanks for visiting and sharing your ideas and experiences!

  4. I express myself with words and photographs but once you begin with one medium it seems natural to try other ways to express yourself. Looking back over the years I have done writing, drawing, carving, making pottery and it’s all a form of art. I also collect postcards and many of them are artistic, like the art nouveau postcards from France.

    • Hi Mike
      Thanks for your reply. What you say is true: we do find ourselves broadening our artistic avenues as times goes by. For me, I cook, garden, write (including blogging), sew, stencil, do counted cross stitch and faux painting;currently I am getting ready to undertake soapmaking. It’s all art!!!
      I plan to visit your blogs today!

  5. Hey Mike
    We do the same thing at our house. Sometimes our meals are just too pretty not to photograph! I am building up my collection of photos for a future cookbook project too….the artistic expression just keeps on rolling out.