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First tree lighting ceremony for Palm Coast.

Tree of Light

Palm Coast Neighbors: First tree lighting ceremony |

Be sure to catch the first Palm Coast tree lighting ceremony.  Learn more about this and other upcoming events in Palm Coast/Flagler County by clicking on the link above.  Be sure to also read my post about sharing with family and friends during the holidays at this link.

And don’t forget that Team Feed Flagler is hosting our annual holiday dinner on Wednesday, November 23 at the locations shown below.   Also food boxes will be distributed to those in need.  This is a real community event!

  • Buddy Taylor Middle School, 4500 Belle Terre Parkway, Palm Coast
  • Bunnell Elementary,  305 N. Palmetto Street, Bunnell
  • Bunnell First United Methodist Church,  205 Pine Street, Bunnell
  • Espanola Community Center 3055 C.R. 13, Espanola
  • First AME Church of Palm Coast 91 Old Kings Road North, Palm Coast
  • Hammock First Baptist Church 5328 Oceanshore Blvd, (S.R. A1A)
  • Hidden Trails Community Center 6108 Mahogany Blvd, Daytona North
  • Mt. Calvary Baptist Church 75 Pine Lakes Parkway South, Palm Coast
  • Pellicer Community Center 1380 C.R. 2007, West Flagler County
  • St. James Missionary Baptist Church 609 State Street (U.S. 1) Bunnell
  • Wickline Center 800 S.Daytona Ave., Flagler Beach


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Talking and laughing during the Holidays….

As the holiday season launches with the arrival of Thanksgiving later this week, let’s think about what it really means to communicate at the holiday table.  Really communicating  — not texting or Facebooking or Twittering.  Let’s all remember to respect the family dining experience – especially when seated at a holiday table with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, as well as parents and siblings or friends.

Take time to enjoy each other…

In this day of doing everything on the run, let’s take the time to really enjoy the time with family and friends while preserving the memories of special moments for years to come.  It should be a time to talk to each other and share conversation in a relaxed fashion.  This means adults and kids  alike, put away the video games, phones and iPads for an afternoon or evening and focus on the people around you.  There is plenty of time to play games, text and Facebook with friends during the rest of the year, but holidays are for family and close friends to interact by talking, laughing, sharing stories and memories while enjoying good food and fun.  Let’s take the time to really be thankful for each other by showing it.

  •  Get everyone involved in the day by helping with the meal or serving drinks.
  •  Have the younger kids make placecards for the dining table. 
  •  Plan an activity or game that gets everyone involved.  I especially like the “Ask Me Anything” at this link.

And this way of reacting to each other shouldn’t be reserved for holidays alone, but it seems in our fast-paced lives, this is often the only time we have to be together without the pressures of work and other responsibilities.  So enjoy the rest of this holiday season and make sure you set the example and teach the younger members of the family what real memories are about.  Today’s electronics will be long forgotten when the next new gadget or version comes along, but real family times and memories will last forever.

What ideas can you come up with to help your family interact during the holidays?  Share them with me by leaving a comment.  I’d love to hear from you!

Talk, laugh and enjoy each other.    Happy Thanksgiving!


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Chicks with Cans helping to feed Flagler

Chicks with Cans took the lead with the most food contributions again this year!

St. Augustine Record column – November 5, 2011

Check out the latest about what’s going on in Flagler County.  Thanks for reading and click on the link above to visit this week’s update!

Thanks to Cindy Dalecki of  Marketing2Go for the picture here!


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Lions and tiger and bears oh my or Web content and resumes and marketing…

I have to apologize to my readers for not posting recently.  I am busy busy busy, but that’s a good thing.  I’ve been hard at work with some new projects, including working with some new content writing and resume clients as well as developing a marketing strategy for my writing and editing business.  This is all good.

RésuméSo let’s talk about resumes for a minute.  Does yours paint a true picture of you or are you using the same boilerplate language from years past?  If it’s stale, now’s the time to review and revise.  Even if you’re currently not in the market for a job, it never hurts to keep yours updated.  If it’s been over a year since you’ve looked at yours, it’s probably time to ask yourself some questions.

  • Have I had any new training or participated in relevant workshops?
  • Have I joined any community organizations?
  • Have I participated in new activities in my community or within my industry?
  • Have I really ever defined exactly what I do in my current job or prior positions?

By answering these questions, you take the first step in making sure your resume is the best it can be.  Remember today it’s not only about listing prior employers and job experience (boring!) , but about presenting yourself in a way that highlights  your skill set and what you bring to the table in comparison to others.  You’ve got to  “stand out.”  You may be competing with hundreds of other applicants.  And even if you’re not in the market today, you never know what’s around the corner, especially in this economy.  So be prepared!

It’s also a good idea to reformat your resume.  The old way of the date on the left is just that — old!   And add some style.  An example might be a shadow box that highlights your areas of expertise using keywords that are easily scanned by today’s HR software programs. There are plenty of great resources both online and in print to help you design the perfect resume.  And if you get really stuck, think about consulting a professional resume writer.  A good one is worth every penny.

And last, but not least, remember that your resume is a great online marketing tool to use on the social network.  Resume reviewers are going to the social sites to find you so make sure that what they find is all good. Social sites are fine, but in my humble opinion if you’re not on LinkedIn, you’re at a disadvantage.  It’s a great way to network with colleagues, past and present, that help you stay connected.  Be sure that your new resume is mirrored by your LinkedIn profile.    LinkedIn Groups are also a tremendous asset you can use to see what others in your field are doing and how they’re doing it.  I can’t say enough good things about LinkedIn.  You’ll find me there at this link, and if you’re reading this and we’re not connected, send me an invite as I would love to add you to my list of connections.

There is so much more to say about your resume and how it can help you, but this is at least a start.  I hope to share more with you next week.  Post your questions and comments to me.  I’d love to help!


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