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Surround yourself with positive energy

The Motivational Monday post drew a lot of attention.  It seems this is a hot topic with many of us as we take on the new year.

Today I had coffee with a friend that I met while attending the Flagler County Citizens Academy this  past fall.  I knew her name and she knew mine, but we never had any reason to connect or meet face-to-face.  Since that time we’ve kept in touch through social networking, but decided to have coffee when our schedules permit.  Well, today was that day and just spending an hour or so with this person makes me realize that another tool for motivation is to surround yourself with positive energy.  There is an energy exchange that takes place between people when they have similar goals, personalities and views of the world.

D is just such a person. Within the last decade, she has battled a life-threatening disease while raising a family and on a professional level has seen her position “cut” from the last two organizations that employed her.   Yet she is fully of bubbly enthusiasm for the next adventure that life will bring her.  She is positive and glows both inside and out.  In her words “whatever happens happens.”   You can’t help but be excited for her and with her about her extremely positive attitude.  Smiles and laughing are definitely contagious.

So what’s the point here?

The point is that another tool to stay  motivated is to surround yourself with people like D.  If people find fault with everything in the world or put your ideas down or make you feel that what you’re doing is not valuable, that negative energy will eventually transfer to you, making it ever harder to stay on task with your goals –  whether those goals are professional or personal.

Maybe today is the day to look back and see how people and situations around you may have influenced your level of enthusiasm for staying motivated.  Make sure you’re keeping the positive connections in your realm within reach to help motivate you.

Any experiences to share about this subject?  Let me hear from you!


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Motivation and strategies…

It’s Motivational Monday!

Are you motivated today? What in the world is “Motivational Monday” you ask? It’s my unofficial designation for taking all the inspiration I’ve encountered in recent weeks and putting it into action.

Last week I spent some time with a fellow blogger/writer friend to brainstorm on ideas for our writing projects and goals for the year.  One of the ideas we came up with was to form a partnership strategy to motivate each other to keep going.  We agreed to communicate by email at the beginning and end of each week to push each along and report our progress to each other.  I wrote about this briefly in my last blog post; if  you have to answer to someone other than yourself, you may be more successful at staying on target.

Another strategy I’ve decided to employ is to use my Outlook calendar to its fullest potential.  Although I always use it for meetings and appointments as well as for reminders to myself to help  me to get things done, I’ve taken it a step further.  Sunday evening I decided what I’d like to accomplish in terms of professional and personal projects.  I calendared these items and then printed out my calendar for the week and posted it on my white board so I have a visual to glance at as I go through my week.  I am also a “lister” so this calendar also became my list for this week so I can check things off.  As a dedicated lister, this helps me stay in touch with my progress.  I know others are successful with mental lists, but for me I find that seeing it in black and white gives me the ambition to keep plugging away. My mental list gets so large that it is overwhelming for me. It’s my ADHD or OCD – call it what you will!

These are the first two strategies I am using for 2012.  What about you?  Do you have a story, strategy or comment?  Share with me!


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New things for a New Year and for Words Etc. too!

The new year is about new things and new goals,  right?  So how do you stay on track?

Photo by by Words Etc.

  1. Don’t make your list of goals unreasonable.  If you’ve created a long list, take another look at it and make sure it fits your personality and your lifestyle.  Adjust it if necessary, but don’t be too easy on yourself.   Make sure you are giving yourself something to improve.
  2. Develop a strategyOnce you’ve  whittled that list down to what makes sense, think about what can help you stay on target.  You know what you want to accomplish; now how are you going to get there? For instance, I have partnered with a friend of mine to keep each other on task with a writing competition we both are determined to enter.  We agreed to send each other “motivational emails” at the beginning and end of each week.  It’s kind of like the Weight Watchers‘ philosophy.  If someone is watching your progress, you’re more apt to stick with it.
  3. Get more organized.  Use whatever  works for you.  Make “To Do” lists or calendar reminders each week.  Keep track of your time by writing down what you do each day. Use that new iPad you got for Christmas to help you! Keep office clutter to a minimum.  Don’t let personal errands and tasks interrupt your work week.  Try to get them out of the way early in the week or on Sunday night so you can focus the rest of the week.
  4. Maintain balance.  I wrote about this last year as a guest blogger on Writing4Effect.  Start each day by eating right and getting some kind of exercise. If you’re healthy and feel good about yourself, you will be more successful with other goals in your life.
  5. Don’t give up.  If you get sidetracked from your goals for a few weeks, it’s okay. Take a break and then get back to it.
  6. Finally, reevaluate your list of goals mid-year.  Take the time to rethink things if  it’s just not working; maybe you’re asking too much of yourself.  If you’re frustrated or working too hard, there is no crime in changing your set of commitments for the year.   We all have enough stress in our lives.  Don’t add anymore than necessary.  BUT make sure you’re being honest with yourself.  If you’re just being lazy or aren’t motivated, make some positive changes in your routine and JUST DO IT!

Hopefully, I’ve given you some food for thought here.  Maybe you’ll find an idea or two that will work for you.  It doesn’t matter if your goals are personal or business related.  A solid set of guidelines can help.

Speaking of new things in a new year,

I think that change is good for new year – it gives me a fresh perspective; you should try it if you haven’t already!  You may have noticed that Words Etc has s a new logo – one of my goals for this new year! You’ll also find it on my Facebook page and on my LinkedIn profile as well.  Some other new things I’ve got going on that are tied to this logo are a refresh of my web content and our newest service — Resume Writing and Revisions.  I’ll be adding content related to resumes both on the website and here so please check back for more soon!

Good luck with your goals for the new year.  Let me know how YOU are doing.  I’ll be checking up on you, so no slacking……


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Time – where does it go?

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Palm Coast Neighbors: Tradition of giving |  January 7

Christine Speno: Christmas events continue |  December  17

Here we are again at the beginning of another new year.  Where has the time gone?  I’ve spent some time thinking about just that – time.  It moves way too fast, and it seems the older we get the faster the time goes. Take me for instance – I haven’t posted my columns from The Record here since early December, and I apologize to my readers if you’ve looked for them here.  I promise to do better in the coming months.  You will find links to the two most recent pieces above or at the end of this post.

Last week I wrote about the wonderful ways that my community gives back with time and resources to help others.  You’ll find a  story shared by Janet Kibrick of Palm Coast about a very special senior event that took place this past holiday season.  Through the colloborative efforts of Home Instead Senior Care® , local Walgreens locations and our giving residents,  many seniors had a brighter season.  The Walgreens stores in Palm Coast generously offered space for trees decorated with “wish lists” of senior residents that were then fulfilled by “Santas” in our community.  Read more in the January 7 column.

Now back to that time thing. 

Like most, a year ago I made some resolutions.  One resolution was to join the Florida Writers’ Association.  Well, it took me a year to do it, but finally on December 31, 2011, I fulfilled that resolution.  Last year I also committed to blogging more.  I did okay with the blogging part – not excellent, but okay.  According to the annual report I received from WordPress, I added 52 new posts to my blog in 2011.  Obviously that averages to a weekly post.  However, it’s been a month since my last post, and that just won’t do.  So once again, I’ll commit to be more devoted to this blog.  since 52 was the magic number last year, I’m going to try to increase that number by 50% to 78 new posts.  Wish me luck.

Time is a mysterious element of our lives.  We are surrounded by ways to track it, like apps, calendars, clocks, Smart Phones, Ipads, desktop or laptop computers, and even just plain old hand-written lists;  And yet, it still slips away.  So what are we to do?  My answer is just to make the most of it.  Surround yourself with as much positive energy as possible.  Whether it’s new goals at work or for your personal life, or spending time with family, reconnecting with old friends or just staying in touch, use each day to its fullest potential.  What are you going to do to make better use of your time in 2012?  I’d love to hear from you!!

Okay, let’s get started!  I’ve got 77 more blog posts to write.  See you next time!!

Palm Coast Neighbors: Tradition of giving |  January 7

Christine Speno: Christmas events continue |  December  17


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