Motivation and strategies…

It’s Motivational Monday!

Are you motivated today? What in the world is “Motivational Monday” you ask? It’s my unofficial designation for taking all the inspiration I’ve encountered in recent weeks and putting it into action.

Last week I spent some time with a fellow blogger/writer friend to brainstorm on ideas for our writing projects and goals for the year.  One of the ideas we came up with was to form a partnership strategy to motivate each other to keep going.  We agreed to communicate by email at the beginning and end of each week to push each along and report our progress to each other.  I wrote about this briefly in my last blog post; if  you have to answer to someone other than yourself, you may be more successful at staying on target.

Another strategy I’ve decided to employ is to use my Outlook calendar to its fullest potential.  Although I always use it for meetings and appointments as well as for reminders to myself to help  me to get things done, I’ve taken it a step further.  Sunday evening I decided what I’d like to accomplish in terms of professional and personal projects.  I calendared these items and then printed out my calendar for the week and posted it on my white board so I have a visual to glance at as I go through my week.  I am also a “lister” so this calendar also became my list for this week so I can check things off.  As a dedicated lister, this helps me stay in touch with my progress.  I know others are successful with mental lists, but for me I find that seeing it in black and white gives me the ambition to keep plugging away. My mental list gets so large that it is overwhelming for me. It’s my ADHD or OCD – call it what you will!

These are the first two strategies I am using for 2012.  What about you?  Do you have a story, strategy or comment?  Share with me!



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  1. It is good to get organised. I like to write things down, do lists. We all have so much going on it is difficult to remember everything without a little help. I never leave home without a notebook. You never know when you’ll need to write something down.

    I’m using a spare calendar someone bought us for Christmas to track my writing, word counts etc to see where I get each month. Looking at it compels me to keep writing.

    • Thanks for sharing, Pete. Couldn’t get by without my calendar. I like your idea of tracking word counts. Excellent suggestion for all writers!

  2. Mental lists are good – but taking the time to things put on paper is sort of a formal commitment to get something done – no excuses!

    • I still like paper lists as well. A good old legal pad and pencil (Yes, I am a pencil person) are great tools that I still use. Striking through completed tasks on a list give me a warm feeling 🙂 But I love my technology calendars too.

  3. Good advise, Christine! I find that Mondays, especially, are especially lacking in motivation to get going on a project or task. I’ll find myself being drawn to “counting loose change” in order to avoid doing what really needs to be done! (I blogged about that concept – you can read it here – ) I like your idea of using an Outlook calendar to organize my day. At the very least, I’ll hear a Ding! or see a pop-up letting me know that I have 15 minutes to prepare for my next to-do…or allow me the option of either doing or not doing the task. I also like Pete’s suggestion to count words. As a writer and blogger, Pete’s suggestion will help me see my productivity in a real and practical way!

    • Thanks for visiting. I am glad to hear that other folks use their calendars in more ways than one. I am a visual person and need to see my progress. Hope you’ll visit again, and I will check out your post that you shared.

  4. I take it the organization thing one step further, in order to keep track of myself I make good use of the calendar and memo pad apps in my phone; all activities, appointments, memos, even the grocery list have a place in it, make sure to back it up regularly–just in case. This system works great for me.

  5. I think I have a touch of OCD (maybe more than a touch) because I love to be organized and I’m definitely a “list” person. I love to make daily lists just so I can cross things off my list. Love your blog and I’ll be back!

  6. Lists are a survival technique for me. I’m too ADHD to get by without them! Also, I like your “writing partner” idea. I think it helps keep you motivated and accountable.

    Great post!

    • Yes, Karen, have to love lists. Sounds like we need to form a social network group “The Listers!” Thanks for visiting. Hope you’ll come back..

  7. Great post, you sum it up nicely. Question; Can I be ready for Motivational Monday on Tuesday? Just asking.

  8. But of course – it’s called delayed reaction, or we could always says that at 12:01 a.m. in Palm Coast it is Tuesday, but it is still Monday in California. So we’ll just pretend we’re on California time sometimes 🙂
    Thanks for visiting!

  9. That is a good idea, to brainstorm with a friend. I co-wrote a novel with a friend and that worked well, each taking it in turns to write a chapter and then we had to follow on from the last chapter!

    I’m inspired by life and so have to make sure I keep doing things. I have tomorrow’s blog written and scheduled. For Friday, I have an idea noted in my notebook; I’ll expand on that one sentence! On Saturday, I write a blog about the Facebook game I’m playing. Then on Sunday, I’ll write the first thing that comes into my head as I cook Sunday lunch. It will probably be about my lunch and plans for the afternoon! 🙂 The main thing is to keep writing and listening to people; especially our readers.