Surround yourself with positive energy

The Motivational Monday post drew a lot of attention.  It seems this is a hot topic with many of us as we take on the new year.

Today I had coffee with a friend that I met while attending the Flagler County Citizens Academy this  past fall.  I knew her name and she knew mine, but we never had any reason to connect or meet face-to-face.  Since that time we’ve kept in touch through social networking, but decided to have coffee when our schedules permit.  Well, today was that day and just spending an hour or so with this person makes me realize that another tool for motivation is to surround yourself with positive energy.  There is an energy exchange that takes place between people when they have similar goals, personalities and views of the world.

D is just such a person. Within the last decade, she has battled a life-threatening disease while raising a family and on a professional level has seen her position “cut” from the last two organizations that employed her.   Yet she is fully of bubbly enthusiasm for the next adventure that life will bring her.  She is positive and glows both inside and out.  In her words “whatever happens happens.”   You can’t help but be excited for her and with her about her extremely positive attitude.  Smiles and laughing are definitely contagious.

So what’s the point here?

The point is that another tool to stay  motivated is to surround yourself with people like D.  If people find fault with everything in the world or put your ideas down or make you feel that what you’re doing is not valuable, that negative energy will eventually transfer to you, making it ever harder to stay on task with your goals –  whether those goals are professional or personal.

Maybe today is the day to look back and see how people and situations around you may have influenced your level of enthusiasm for staying motivated.  Make sure you’re keeping the positive connections in your realm within reach to help motivate you.

Any experiences to share about this subject?  Let me hear from you!



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11 responses to “Surround yourself with positive energy

  1. What a great post! Through my own experiences I’ve noticed that my mood and outlook are greatly influenced by the people around me. I try not to let it happen, but it does. If the people around me are grumpy, irritable or moody, I find myself depressed. If they’re happy and excited, well, I find my spirits buoyed. So I try (hard) to keep my own outlook optimistic in hopes of maybe imparting a little sunshine to the people I’m around!

    • Thanks for visiting, Karen. It is so easy to be affected by the emotions and attitudes of others. Glad you are working hard at evoking optimism!
      I enjoyed your comments.

  2. Boy, I couldn’t agree more! What has surprised me is the number of young people (really young) who are negative and pessimistic. If they’re not careful, they’ll be defeated before they even try.

    • Sandra, you raise a valid point about young people that are negative. Do you think part of it is caused by the tremendous amount of influences that surround them? The world is pretty scarey right now. Adults are constantly talking about the poor economy, the lack of jobs and losing money. On top of that, add all of the news that is at their fingertips through technology. And let’s face it, there are a lot of bad things in the news that involve children – murders, abuse, accidents, and the list goes on. This has to be frightening for them. All the more reason for us to focus on projecting positive and uplifting energy.
      Thanks for your comments!

  3. Boy do I need to read this every day!!! 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting and I hope my blog transfers some positive energy to you!

      I visited your blog today and left a comment on your “About Me” page.

      • I could use positive energy. My workplace is like a negativity hub. So I’m glad I found your blog lol

        Thank you so much for the comment on my blog – very kind of you!!


  4. Such loveliness! I too am working on recognizing and appreciating the many gifts of the people in our lives!!

  5. A really great post and one that I needed to read on this day and at this time. It reminded me that I do have power to correct my lingering “bad” mood, to a much more positive and powerful one, using very easy steps. I just need to believe!

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks for visiting, Michael. I’m glad that I provided some motivation for you. It’s all about what’s around you. Take in the positive.