How to Stay on Target

Are you staying on target when you work from home?

Here is a post I did as a guest for Sherry Zander of Writing4Effect back in July of last year.  I hope you’ll enjoy it!  Click on the link above to Sherry’s blog to read the full post.   Thanks for reading….

Writing 4 Effect

Guest Post by Christine Speno @

Those of us who are self-employed or working virtually may have a particular hard job of staying on task.  This is especially true if you work from a home office.  I know for me, I have to set boundaries so that I don’t let distractions interfere with my work schedule.  So here are some ideas to keep you from going crazy while working from home.

  • Get some exercise to start your day – a short walk or bike ride will do it
  • Eat something for breakfast – even a piece of fruit, some yogurt or toast to get your brain charged.
  • Get dressed – and I don’t mean in sweats or a bathing suit (a particular challenge if you live in Florida like I do and have a pool outside your door!)  You don’t have to wear a business suit, but do…

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