Key Accomplishments section for your resume

The Key Accomplishments section is an important component of your resume

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Keep this section close to the top of your resume so it is one of the first things the reviewer sees. Be sure to make this section eye-grabbing by adding some color and putting in a text box of one type or another. This key accomplishments area is also easy to edit without interfering with the main body of the resume so you can adjust for different uses or jobs.

 So just what are key accomplishments?

  • These may consist of some exceptional or unique roles you filled or goals that you met
  • Think about things for which your boss or manager complimented you.
  • Did you receive awards or commendations?

These are great places to start. I suggest you identify one major key accomplishment for each job as this shows a consistent level of growth and expertise in your given area or areas. And be sure to add metrics that apply. For instance, instead of:

increased sales consistently

 give a percentage like this:

increased sales in 2011 by 30% from the previous year

You may also consider adding a graphic to increase the strength of this statement, like a bar graph or a chart.  This is especially useful when demonstrating your success in sales or revenue accomplishments.

Also remember to tailor your key accomplishments to fit the particular job posting. For instance, if your background has been in sales and you want to transition more into management, demonstrate some accomplishments that make you a good candidate for management. Have you managed budgets, motivated others, developed new strategies? All of these fit well into a management role. This is extremely important if you are transitioning career fields, but if you look carefully at each part of your past jobs, you’ll be able to identify points that demonstrate your strengths. And that’s what it is really about – your strengths and why you are the best candidate for the position.

Remember it’s about what you can offer the company.  So get busy and compile those key accomplishments and make sure they are part of your resume today.

Watch for more tips soon. And if I can help you with building or revising your resume, visit or leave me a comment here!


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