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Be sure to follow me on my blog’s new location!

Please continue to follow me!

Hello readers!

Please be sure to continue to follow me through my new site.  Click here to resubscribe to my blog at its new home.  And be sure to look around the rest of my website while you’re there.  It’s still  a work in progress so come back often!  I look forward to your future comments and visits!

Christine Speno

Words Etc Writing & Editing

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Words Etc. – we’re moving!

To all my followers and devoted readers, I am in the process of moving the blog to my website at  I apologize for the confusion during construction and hope you’ll visit me there.  Be sure to subscribe to RSS feeds on the new site location so you’ll still be in touch with me and my posts!  You’ll find it on the “connect” section on the left of every page of of the site!  You can also follow me there on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn if you’re not already connected with me.

Words Etc. blog is moving.
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Thanks for visiting, reading and commenting!

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Kreativ Blogger Award/JustSaying

Here’s another acceptance post from yet another recipient of the Kreativ Blogger Award. Thanks to Claudia for accepting my nomination for the award!


I am  green to writing and a new blogger, and when notified I was a recipient of the Kreativ Blogger Award thought it was a poke, like on Facebook.

Pleased by the  recognition, I graciously accepted and immediately sent a thank you to Christine Speno of Words,etc. For some unknown reason, Christine has taken me under her wing and gladly meets with me to discuss various how to subjects. Why? Christine does not need a why, she is a giver and we have become friends and writing partners.  I’m loving it. Thank you Christine.

What is the Kreativ Blogger Award? I searched Word Press to find out.

The Kreativ Blogger Award is a peer award, as is the Golden Globe Award. The fact that another blogger thought my writing worthy is encouraging.

Husfrauas Memoarer, a Norwegian, came up with the idea on May 8th 2008, pieced together fabric for the original design, (shown below)


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Nothing Like We Imagined – A Kreativ Blogger Award Winner!!!

Thanks to Jeff Swesky and April Hawks for accepting their Kreativ Blogger awards.  I am sharing their posts here.  Please click on the “reblogged” link to read their entire posts on their blogs.  Thanks for participating!


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Kreativ Blogger Award and Words Etc.

I’m very excited to be the recipient of a Kreativ Blogger Award.  

As this is my first blogging award, I consider it an honor and a great step forward. 17 months of blogging has finally paid off.  People know I’m out here!!

Thanks so much to Pete Denton of Pete Denton – Writer for nominating me. Be sure to check out Pete’s blog.  He has lots of interesting and exciting ideas on his blog as he takes us through his adventures in  writing.  He also offers some great book reviews.

Being recognized as a Kreativ Blogger has opened up my exposure to new readers and followers.  I hope that those I nominate will embrace this opportunityand accept the challenge to share more about themselves as well as identify other blogs that they think stand out!

The guidelines for the award are

  • list six blogs that the recipient thinks are outstanding and deserving of the award

  • share ten things that your readers may not know know about you

I have had lots of fun exploring other blogs.  And here are my nominations!


Working on Creative Chaos

Claudia Just Saying

Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Nothing Like We Imagined

Josh Neimark – Some Things Just Need To Be Said

Mike10613’s Blog

As for the 10 things about me that my readers may not know, here you go:

  1. I grew up in Chicago
  2. I love to garden
  3. I have three beautiful daughters and an amazing husband that are all the lifeblood of my life
  4. I took piano lessons for years (but don’t play very well now)
  5. I like to make veggie chili
  6. I like to dream up new ways to cook tofu
  7. In spite of 5 & 6 above, I am not a vegetarian (although one of my nominees is trying to convert me!)
  8. I created an amazing Hot Pepper relish in the summer of 2011 (peppers from my garden, of course!)
  9. I collect wine corks
  10. I am two classes and a thesis away from earning my Master’s in English/Tech Writing (No, it just won’t happen.)

And there you have it:  my 6 nominees and some little-known facts about this blogger.

Be sure to visit the blogs of my nominees.  Although all bloggers love traffic and new followers, it is the comments that keep us motivated to keep on plugging away.  So please leave comments when you visit.  Who knows, you could be the next nominee.

Thanks again to Pete and his great blog Pete Denton – Writer for nominating me as a Kreativ Blogger.   Please visit him!

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FWA Palm Coast spoke — and you listened! « FWA Palm Coast Chapter

107/365 Life isn't about finding yourself. Lif...

Image by ganesha.isis via Flickr

Check out the story of one of the members of Florida Writers Assn/Palm Coast.  It’s always great to hear about how others are taking steps to challenge themselves.  Try it, and you might just create a new you!

Click on the title above or here to learn how FWA member Lisa Martino is changing her life and reaching new heights!!

Thanks for reading and be sure to leave a comment.


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Freelancing Tips — some things you may not have thought about!

Guest post by Sherry Zander of Writing4Effect


Thanks to Sherry Zander for providing this guest post.  Sherry and I met through LinkedIn at The Blog Zone group and decided that exchanging  guest posts was a great way to expand our horizons in the world of blogging and helps us connect with more readers!  Find out more about Sherry in the bio at the end of her post.  Thanks for reading.

Essential Tools of the Freelance Writer

Freelance writers just starting off and those who are seasoned can benefit from a checklist that ensures they stay on track and grow their business once it’s established. Not only does it provide a head-start for those just beginning their journey, it also serves as a reminder along the way of things that may seem simple, but are easy to forget.

Build a Blog

If you want to showcase your talents, create a blog and begin writing posts. Do an Internet search for “free blog” and you’ll find a plethora of sites that offer them. The most popular are WordPress (WP) and Blogger. WP does not allow bloggers to sell anything from a free WP blog, but Blogger does. Both are easy to set up and use.

Talent, Spelling, Semantics and AP Style

Although there are many writers out there who have talent, not all of them have great spelling skills or understand the semantics of sentence structure and AP style – required by most journalism jobs and content mills. Most writers have blogs with the benefit of showcasing their talents. The downside for some, however, is that they don’t edit their articles sufficiently. If you’re going to have a blog, create posts in MS Word first, spell check them and use the Merriam-Webster online dictionary for words on which you are unclear. Some words sound the same, but have different meanings – e.g., piece vs. peace.

Office Setup

If you don’t have a private room separate from the living area for your office, set it up in a corner of your bedroom or some other area of the home with the most private surroundings – as much as possible, free from noise, distraction and family activity. It’s always more difficult to accomplish tasks with outside interruptions.

Your home office tools are essential for the support of a successful freelance writing career. Purchase a laptop with wi-fi, so that you have access to write for your customers no matter where you are each day. Many restaurants, libraries and airports offer free wi-fi. A printer with fax, scanner and copier capabilities prepares you for anything a client may need. For example, I’ve had to scan my university degree for some clients and fax, or scan and attach to an email, freelance contracts to others.

Freelance Job Sites

Primary to getting freelance writing jobs and finding others along the way is registering for jobsites that post freelance writing jobs. I’m registered for a number of them. I set up auto-alerts on a daily or weekly basis, depending on whether I need work right away, and skim the list to see if anything catches my eye. I spend around 15 minutes a day checking my alerts. Be creative as to how you set up the alerts. Use the words remote writer, freelance writer or similar terms. I have to say that Problogger, AmericanJobs and Craigslist are my favorites, because writing jobs are quite prominent on these sites.

Problogger often has some of the best freelance writing jobs available, but I don’t believe you can register for auto job alerts. Instead, you’ll have to check the site daily or at your discretion. You don’t have to register for AmericanJobs to access writing jobs. If you do, however, it costs $29.95 and the site posts your resume on 48 other sites for greater exposure. I am not registered, but I do check it every other day or so for new writing job posts. A fellow writer friend of mine, Sam Bangayan, also advises how to set up auto alerts for Craigslist ads via iGoogle, so that you receive writing job ads from all cities in which you’re interested. It takes a little time, but the benefit is huge.

Another strategy that I’ve used effectively is simply to contact web development companies to see if they might be interested in hiring a “resident” content writer. Web developers create/maintain websites for clients that need content. It’s a perfect match and eliminates the need to constantly be looking for work. This approach might work well, but just be cognizant to keep other jobs on the burner since the work may be ebb and flow.

Social Networking

Register for websites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Join groups, gather a following and post regularly. Not only do you get the word out about your blog to gain subscribers, but you also advertise and showcase your writing expertise … if you have talent, can spell and understand sentence syntax.

Never Stop Learning

No matter how little or long you’ve been freelance writing, you must always be learning. Grow your understanding of SEO – search engine optimization. Google periodically adjusts its web crawler to capture or eliminate certain items when ranking sites – e.g., broken links, low ranking links, word stuffing, etc. Learn about SMO and SEM – social media optimization and search engine marketing, respectively. Use Google Ad Words to optimize your blog’s exposure when Internet users search the web, and learn the terms that gain the greatest exposure.

What experience or processes helped you establish and grow your freelance writing business?

Bio –

Sherry Zander completed her BA in Business and HR in 2004 and has been freelance writing since 2006, after years of technical and non-technical writing in project manager positions. She currently writes online copy for Fox News and other websites, and produces articles for her local city newspaper the Gardner News. Sherry has a passion to help and see other writers succeed. For more information about Sherry, visit her blog here —


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