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Low Cost Pet Shot Clinic in Flagler County

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A community service announcement:

There will be a low cost pet shot clinic sponsored by the SPCA animal rescue  on Saturday June 25th from 9:00am till 11:30am in the parking lot of Flagler Playhouse, 301 E. Moody, Bunnell.


  • Rabies shots  $6.00
  • Dog 6 in 1 distemper/ parvo combo $10.00
  • Cat 4 Way distemper combo $10.00
  • Feline Leukemia $16.00
  • Bordatella $12.00
  • Heartworm Testing $16.00
  • Worming $5.00


Heartworm Prevention and Flea Products will be available for purchase.  All vaccinations administered by a licensed veterinarian.  The clinic is licensed and permitted.  Cash only for the shots.  Clinic is open to everyone, no appointment needed.

Call 386-748-8993 for more info.



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Do you think sewing is a lost art? Think again!

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Christine Speno: Sewing guild coming to Palm Coast | StAugustine.com.

Just when you thought that the world of technology has totally taken over our lives, something comes to light that makes you realize that some things from generations past never go out of style.  Now I love a story based on history and when I received a request to post some information on a new sewing group forming in my community, I grabbed the opportunity to do a little research about a hobby that I enjoyed for many years — sewing.

People have been sewing as far back as the last Ice Age —  more than 20,000 years ago.  Bone needles have been discovered in archaeology digs with evidence that these needles were probably used to sew together skins and furs.  Our innovative forefathers in Germany created needles from iron way back in the 3rd century B.C.

In 1790, Thomas Saint, a British inventor patented the first running sewing machine, and the craft has been evolving ever since.  Although sewing first was a necessary part of our ancestors’ daily lives, today it can be much more than sewing clothes.  So forget about that Home Ec disaster you may have created back in high school.  Today’s sewers use their creative vision and embrace quilt making and even some ancient arts – like Kanzashi  – a centuries-old art of creating Japanese hair ornaments that were used in traditional Japanese hairstyles.

And today’s sewers in the U.S. have the support of a national organization, the American Sewing Guild (ASG) that promotes sewing as a art form and life skill to be passed on to our future generations.  You can learn more about sewing and its history and movement into the 21st century at ASG or by doing your own research online.  I found links to several sewing guilds and organizations the world over.

So now you know about  one more way to express your creativity through the art of sewing.  Communication knows no limits.  Click on the link above or below to see how sewing is enjoying life in our community of Palm Coast, Florida.

Christine Speno: Sewing guild coming to Palm Coast | StAugustine.com.


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Communicate with the Earth – It’s the only one we have, show her you appreciate her wonders!

April 22 is Earth Day.

How do you communicate with the world around you?

Are you doing all that you can to preserve our Earth for future generations?

Well here are some ideas to help you celebrate Earth Day year round:

  • Plant a tree.  Better yet plant a small vegetable garden so you can eat the fruits of your labor.  Even if you live in an apartment or a condo or just don’t have a lot of time to garden, you can still try to have at least one or two pots on your patio or deck area to hold some herbs, a tomato or pepper plant.  There are even varieties of  baby vegetables that have grown quite popular and are well-suited to container gardening.    Check out your local local extension office for help too. The USDA operates a Cooperative Extension System throughout the U.S.  This is a non-credit educational network.  According to the USDA site: “Each U.S. state and territory has a state office at its land-grant university and a network of local or regional offices. These offices are staffed by one or more experts who provide useful, practical, and research-based information to agricultural producers, small business owners, youth, consumers, and others in rural areas and communities of all sizes.”  In my home state of Florida, we have a network of extension offices backed by the research of the University of Florida.   If you are reading from outside the United States, there are sure to be lots of resources for you to learn about what works in your region.
  • Replace your incandescent light bulbs with the new energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs.  They are available everywhere now.  Although a little more expensive, they burn so much cooler and last longer so save you dollars in the long run while helping the environment.
  • How about giving up some of those plastic bottles?  Try to at least cut down a little on the plastic bottles you use.  You’ve all heard the statistics about how many miles of plastic bottles we Americans use each year and where they end up – in our landfills or littering our beaches and parks.  If each of us just cut back a little, it will make a huge difference.  Learn more at Earth 911
  • Speaking of water, see my post in my October archive on this blog .  We can conserve water in many simple ways.
  • Get involved in community activities that help to promote a greener world for all of us – especially our future generations.  If you live near a beach, think about joining a beach clean-up.   Many local communities are stepping up to the plate and encouraging citizens to get involved in keeping their parks, beaches and communities cleaner.

Start teaching these valuable ways to respect our world to your children so that we can continue to  preserve our Earth and all its beauty for all future generations to enjoy.

Let’s all remember

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, but rather we borrow it from our children.” 

This Earth is truly in our hands, let’s all do our part to keep it beautiful.


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