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Finding your Inspiration.


Image by peevee@ds via Flickr

How are you inspired?

Have you ever thought about it?

What drives you do get something done?  Does it take a person, an event, something you read, or maybe a personal experience?  It seems that ideas pop into this jumbled up brain of mine throughout the day.  I hear something or read something or sometimes just sit quietly on my patio in the early morning or the late evening and listen to the sounds around me and am inspired with an idea about something I’d like to write or get done.

I think the key is to listen to that little voice inside of you; be in touch with your senses, and you will be filled with inspiration.  Today we are so caught up in the hectic lives we lead, that we forget to just stop and listen, ponder, think and take it all in.

Try it and you may be surprised

Sometimes just flipping through an old photo album (yes, the old fashioned kind are nice, but even your digital pictures will do) will help you get in touch with a memory that is buried deep inside your brain and is now jolted free by that photo.  Then act on it.  Write that note to your aunt or uncle who doesn’t use email or call that friend from years back that you’ve been meaning to reconnect with.  Or launch a bigger project.  You’ll have to decide what the bigger project is.

For me, a few years back, I decided upon building a family cookbook/memoir to honor my family  — my dad and mom (now both gone), my brother, my in-laws, aunts, uncles, cousins and the list goes on.  But more importantly for me, I felt it was something I needed to do to leave for our children, grandchildren and future generations so that they will always be able to connect with the past.

Now my challenge is to complete that seed of inspiration and see it to fruition.  You’ll note that up above, I said “a few years back,” and that cookbook is still not in print.  But it’s getting closer and I am determined to see it through soon!

What’s your inspiration and what are you going to do about it?

My suggestion is to write down those ideas that are jumpstarted by whatever inspires you.  But don’t just sit on them.  Make the time to complete your thoughts and record them into a journal so you can go back to them later or better yet right now.

Try it.

If you look around you, you may be surprised at where you’ll discover your inspiration.  The important thing is that you find it.

Have a great week of writing, thinking and communicating.  I’ll update you on that cookbook soon!


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